Relationships, communication, love and connection are our world.  

Bella M. Lane
Love & Relationship Coach

Relationships, communication, love and connection are our world. 

Bella M. Lane
Love & Relationship Coach

Are your relationships causing pain, frustration or distress? I can help.

Bella Maree Lane is a certified Life Coach, Learning Love Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Tantra Teacher & Reiki practitioner based in the USA. Bella’s life passion is the healing arts and all things love related. She has spent the past 15 years traveling the world, training, studying psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), energy work and all arenas of the healing arts.

“Bella worked on stabilizing my self-worth and self-love…”

“Bella is a highly sensitive, empathic being. This is why she is able to tune into people and anticipate their needs. I feel warm and cared for in her healing space and presence.

Bella also worked on stabilizing my self-worth and self-love, which meant I had to look at and work on the standards I set for my relationship…After all this healing work, I feel relieved, lighter and free. I manifest the things I want far more easily.

Bella’s coaching sessions are both extremely effective and valuable. I love the online course she designed for me after each session, in which she assigned tasks for me prior my next session. I highly recommend Bella!”

– Anja Baum


Bella specializes in all aspects of love and life. She offers a wide variety of services all of which are tailored to the specific needs and desires of her clients. Her approach is patient, compassionate and highly effective. It is designed to achieve immediate, sustainable results in any area of your life.


One is through Group coaching which offers a more holistic view and strategy. An amazing, affordable and easily implemented introduction to my work.

The second, is through One to One coaching, as such, tailored specifically to your personal needs and circumstance. This is where we take a deep dive to uncover your hidden relationship challenges and patterns, and begin to change them.


Learning love is perhaps the deepest work and it requires a gentle, patient, intelligent approach. This is a more therapy based modality where you will explore your inner child space and the wounds held within. The impact is profoundly life altering. I will go at your pace, peeling back the layers to uncover the areas that need love, attention and healing.


Often referred to as the Yoga of Intimacy. Bella explores the world of sexuality, vulnerability, and Alpha & Omega. This is a fascinating and wonderful practice to enhance and infuse your relationship with renewed passion and energy. An amazing tonic if your relationship feels tired or mundane.


As the name suggests Bella takes a more spiritual approach to healing. Using meditation, compassion and forgiveness, along with various healing modalities to elicit accelerated change and growth.

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The healthier your relationships, the happier you will be! 

I’ve come to this powerful realization over the course of my life. Healthy, loving, dynamic relationships are foundational to creating the life you dream of. It took me decades to understand that life was not simply happening to me, but rather my experiences were being designed by me subconsciously. I had no awareness of my own agency over the painful events that kept happening in my life.

At first it was an unsafe, precarious family dynamic which was soon followed by priests, nuns, and teachers and eventually a steady stream of abusive boyfriends and career situations. From the outside I appeared successful and fortunate, in reality I was anything but. I literally went from one difficult experience to the next, never having time to recover or regroup. I was in therapy, on and off for decades which was of little value. Decades passed with little improvement in my ability to take care of myself in the ways that would count. This is why Emotional Mastery has become my chosen vocation. I am dedicated to bringing you the amazing tools and skills which will make your dreams not only possible, but an absolute reality.

I have no reason to be as happy and fulfilled as I am today. Nothing in my history would lead you to believe I could be. In the face of overwhelming adversity I finally learned to heal, grow and flourish. Let me tell you a little bit about my background…