Learn the psychological and scientifically proven secrets to attraction and love!

Finally stop being frustrated, confused, and disheartened.
Learn the simple, scientific, authentic way to find true love and avoid heartbreak.

You believe in love ...

But have been left with disappointment, frustration, rejection, and deception.

You’re texting back and forth, things seem to be heating up, and then poof, just like that, they disappear without a trace leaving you wondering what happened. Was it something you said? Did they simply lose interest or die? It’s so disheartening & every time it happens you find yourself trusting just a little less.

You’ve begun to feel jaded & cynical. Not intentionally, it has simply crept in like a stranger in the night. Or worse still, you feel ignored by the dating world with no prospects in sight. You ask yourself what is wrong with me?

You may find yourself avoiding your happily coupled friends, feeling jealous of their happiness, albeit you wish them well, you simply don’t want to be reminded of how alone you feel.

You keep attracting Mr or Mrs Wrong...

You have written your profile, put up your photos asked your friends, and still nothing. Date after date with the wrong people. You sit there bored, waiting for the right time to make your exit, whether it be in real life or a zoom date. Awkward! (and depressing). People don’t look anything like their profile photos, are 10 older than stated & just all wrong for you. Why can’t you find your person? Is it just luck, destiny, or the universe playing some mean trick? Where is he/she?

Desperation takes over and you feel hopeless, lost and generally snubbed by “LOVE”.
Your single friends confirm that the dating world is nothing but smoke & mirrors. Are you with me? I know how it feels because I’ve been there!

There is more to this than one simple answer and I am here to help you unwind your confusion. I wish it were as simple as one quick PDF or lesson and magic could happen. What I will say is that with a little guidance you will find your answers and consequently your Soulmate!

Yes, love is totally possible for you!

Yes It is entirely possible to FOREVER change your dating & love landscape.

The fantastic news for you is, there absolutely is a science behind attraction & chemistry. Scientists in fields from Anthropology to Neuroscience, have proven that the science behind love is both simpler and far more complex than you might think.

More than once I thought I had found ‘the one’. On paper everything looked perfect and although there was attraction, the chemistry did not work which ultimately meant the relationship failed. With each failure I went back to the drawing board… more books, classes and workshops!

The good news is, you’re not alone, it’s not your fault and there is a way out!

You could try and figure this out for yourself, which like me could end up being a lot of trial, error and disappointment or you could benefit from my 15 years of study and experience.

I will help you out of your confusion by removing the mystery around Love & Dating.

I have done the heavy lifting for you and distilled the most critical, valuable information and condensed it into an easy-to-digest 5 part program.

Solo to Soulmate dating program

Let’s talk about finding your soulmate, after all, that’s why you’re here. You have had some challenges in finding your special person and know there has to be a better way. That’s where I come in! My 15 years of dedicated study and experience is going to help guide and show you how to attract and keep the love of your life!

You deserve to feel the magic of falling in love and being fallen in love with. Imagine cuddling up on the sofa, enjoying a movie together. Finding that special someone with whom you can enjoy weekends and holidays and share your triumphs and tragedies. Even the most mundane things in life are somehow more magical when love is present. We are built for loving connection. My ‘Solo to Soulmate’ program is here to solve the mystery and offer the solution.

It’s delivered in a step by step, easy to digest format. I have done the heavy lifting for you by carefully curating only the most critical information on why things are likely not working and how to change that immediately, moving you straight towards realizing your relationship dreams. We will work together, it’s a collaboration. 

You will gain direct access to me in a private, one-on-one session you can use at any point before, during or after your program. Plus, you’ll get live, quality time each week to ask questions and get answers in our private community group sessions.

Program Elements:

Week 1: Healing past relationships

I will guide you through the “letting go” process to clear the way for love to show up. Letting go of your past frees you to move into your future with both feet and an open, healed heart. It’s crucial to repair anything that could be blocking you from attracting the love of your life. If you refuse to do this work you are likely destined to keep repeating old, unhealthy patterns where you create the same sub-optimal outcome.

Week 2: Values and Commonality

Getting clear on your values helps you become crystal clear on who you will align with. You can’t find Mr or Mrs Right if you don’t first know what your values are. You want to find someone with whom you are happy, content and valued by. For example, If commitment is a high value for you, dating someone who places a high value on freedom may potentially create incompatibility. Knowing these things at the outset helps you choose more carefully.

Week 3: Setting the stage

We will go through practical steps on how to write and create a profile that ONLY attracts the people you are interested in. We will dial up you attention factor 10X. This will get you communicating and out on dates with actual potential partners. We start putting into action the science of chemistry on your dates and you will see the amazing changes and results.

Week 4: Creating lasting connection

First dates can be nerve-wracking. We’ll work together to help you create a great first impression. You will learn a few little techniques to help calm your nervous system so you can relax and bring your best self forward whilst on dates. You want to attract and keep the right person and learn to let go of anyone not suited to you early on. As your confidence and attraction soars the potential to meet your perfect person amplifies.

Week 5: Your Stamp of Authenticity

Learning to present and be comfortable with who you truly are will help attract the ‘right’ person to you. He or she will see you and recognize you as their person! Showing up in life proudly & confidently, unafraid of rejection heightens your irresistibility factor! Authenticity has a particular quality. It’s a super attractor! Learn to dial yours up!

This program consists of 5 videos + 15 page workbook PLUS A private, 1:1 session
and access to my on-going private community group coaching


5 videos (over 4 hours)

I will take you on a step by step journey towards bringing in the love and relationship of your dreams. There are lots of tips and tools to get you there. Often it’s the little things we don’t see or know that stand in the way of our success. I will make sure you leave no stone unturned in getting ready for love to show up in your life. Remember ‘Energy flows where attention goes! Put your attention on really getting clear on how to bring and keep the love you deserve right to your door.


This guide will enable you to record and revisit all of the information you’re learning time and time again. You will have access to this forever and you can refer back to it whenever you need guidance or have a question. I know I love to be able to refer back to things for clarity.

Private 1:1 Session
& Community Access 

This is your unique opportunity to interact directly with Bella. Ask questions, receive emotional support & feedback as you walk through the process in real life. You will have me as an escort through the journey of finding your soulmate. A private, 1:1 session offers you the time and space to ask me direct questions and receive guidance on what to do and how to do it. Plus, you’ll have on-going access to group coaching sessions with my private community.

Client Experience…..


Joseph Pergolizzi

“Bella is a unique gem in a sea of coaches – her ability to understand, listen and explain her thoughtful perspective is truly remarkable. My work with her has significantly impacted the relationships I have with myself, my daughter and any future woman I choose to date. She has made me feel incredibly safe and understood and as a result we’ve touched areas of my life that I’ve never shared. If you have a chance to work with her I would not hesitate at all.”

Amy Frazier

“Bella, this is so amazing, I can’t even tell you. I felt so supported today, and so loved. 

When you were talking about seeing through the eyes of love, that just made so much sense, and I could feel something shift inside of me, and I thought: this is what she does, this is how she heals people. You are the real deal. I mean, I already knew you were, but in a world full of promises made by people who would like to imagine themselves having special knowledge to bring light into peoples’ lives, but really DON’T, well, you are NOT one of those! You are the real thing. You speak with passion and truth and it gets right in there, right into where a person needs to hear it, right into those tight places that are all scrunched up in forgotten pain. Bless you, Bella, you’ve got the stuff.”

Attracting your soulmate looks like this

  • You are finally in LOVE, planning your first romantic getaway. Filled with anticipation & excitement you are brimming with joy. You daydream of your time together, making memories, forging an even stronger bond.

  • You’ve been dating a while now, confessed your LOVE for each other, and are ready to take your relationship to the next level … moving in together, or perhaps even an ENGAGEMENT ring.

  • The holidays are here and it’s your first as a couple. So much excitement planning what you will do, how you will decorate, who you will visit? Meeting friends and relatives, many for the first time.

  • It’s a lazy Sunday morning … breakfast in bed, a walk in the park, or at the beach with your new puppy. Coffee at an outdoor cafe, holding hands as your puppy sleeps contentedly at your feet.
  • You had almost forgotten how luscious it is to be in love. The butterflies each time you see a message from your beloved.

  • You’ve had a difficult day and feel exhausted and spent. You arrive home to the aroma of a delicious dinner wafting towards you. Your favorite music is playing softly in the background. You are greeted by a huge smile and a glass of wine or cider and a hug that melts your stress away.

  • That promotion you have been waiting to hear about finally came through and you can’t wait to share your news.

What you will receive...

  • Step by step guidance
  • Eliminate old beliefs that may be holding you back from finding your soulmate
  • Realtime feedback & support
  • Clear, concise information on how to clear away anything that could be blocking love
  • Learn how to interact in a healthy way to make sure only the right relationships move forward
  • Attract high quality people instead of those not really invested in the kind of relationship you want
  • 1:1 session with Bella & private community access (valued at $300)
  • 5 videos (30-50 mins each) emailed to you over 5 weeks. I will take you on a step by step journey towards bringing in the love and relationship of your dreams. There are lots of tips and tools to get you there. I will make sure you leave no stone un-turned in getting ready for love to show up in your life. (valued at $250)
  • 15-page workbook. This guide will enable you to record and revisit all of the information you’re learning time and time again. You will have access to this forever and you can refer back to it whenever you need guidance or have a question. I know I love to be able to refer back to things for clarity. (valued at $50)

Change your dating paradigm for once and for all

Get the full program for $497

Client Experiences….

Play Video

Client Experience…..


Anja Baum

“Bella is a highly sensitive, empathic being. This is why she is able to tune into people and anticipate their needs. I feel warm and cared for in her healing space and presence. Bella also worked on stabilizing my self-worth and self-love, which meant I had to look at and work on the standards I set for my relationship…After all this healing work, I feel relieved, lighter and free. I highly recommend Bella!”

My promise to you...


If you’re not happy for any reason with the program, I offer an unconditional 30 Day money-back guarantee!

I can’t wait for you to begin your dating reinvention journey with me. Helping people find love is my mission.
We will explore:

  • The reasons we repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and how to permanently stop them
  • Putting the past where it belongs … behind you!
  • Looking at your thoughts, feelings & behaviors and how they are impacting your current dating success
  • The critical nature of chemistry and how to find & keep it burning
  • How to date with love, authenticity & integrity in today’s world
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls that are preventing you from finding love

I can't wait to meet you in the live sessions! In the meantime, enjoy the program.

Get the full program for $497