One of my mantras is … “Love in Action”. We need to be the change we want to see in the world around us. Be love, don’t just talk about love. Once you find your connection to the flow of love that runs inside of you, your life will transform.

What I’ve been up to this month…….

If you, like me, are deeply curious around the topics of love, relationship and intimacy, I have some cool new information I gleaned in my latest one month tantric immersion.

This immersion was led by world renowned tantra teacher, Margot Anand who birthed Sky Dancing Tantra over 30 years ago. I completed my 12 month tantra teaching certification in 2008 and have been on the tantric path ever since.

So what is tantra?

Well, if you ask 1,000 people you may well get 1,000 different responses which naturally can be confusing. Tantra is the practice of learning to be completely present to each and every moment. So not going into the past or future but rather fully embracing the “now” moment.

Why does that matter?

It matters because when we drift back into our past or move to thoughts of the future we are completely missing the only moment we truly have, which is “right now”. The mind does not understand how to be present now. It uses the past and its data with what is happening now to predict that future. It’s the mind’s way of attempting to keep us safe. It is a survival mechanism.

Margot’s practices promote Bliss, Joy & Awakening. It’s a journey not a destination. With each experience you have the opportunity to choose to be present and available, with an open heart. The tenants of tantra are Compassion, Sovereignty and Freedom of choice.

Compassion is to see the other person as an aspect of yourself and wish them love and healing. Not from a condensing point of view, but rather from a true heart centered space. Loving the person in front of you no matter what they are saying or doing can be a super challenge. Often we find ourselves reflexively judging, criticizing, ridiculing and making wrong. If however you could imagine offering compassion for their pain, things may well alter dramatically. It’s a huge challenge but so worth the effort. It by no means indicates you do not set limits or have clearly defined boundaries. What it means is to offer the gift of compassion for where they are at.

Remember the saying “Hurt people, hurt people”. It gets a little complicated, but it’s pretty much true. When you choose to come from love your anger, rage & resentments begin to slowly melt away. It’s so easy to get triggered and react. With a little awareness, you can begin to choose to respond as opposed to react. Take a moment to breathe and decide what the most loving thing to do it in that moment actually is.

Upcoming workshop - January 9th, 2021

Don’t wait until tomorrow to do the things that are closest to your heart. If 2020 has shown us anything it has shown us not to wait. Setting an intention, taking an action and then following through helps to create healthy self esteem. Surrounding yourself with likeminded, motivated people who support and encourage you on your journey is a great way to live your life and the perfect way to set a brand new intention for 2021.

Create the life you truly desire and deserve.

In this intimate virtual workshop format, I will lead ‘live’ discussions and practices designed to open your heart to the joy of relationship intimacy. Register to attend here. In 2021 I will be conducting a variety of Emotional Freedom, Relationship Healing and Conscious Intimacy Studio workshops & courses. To stay up to date with all my news please follow me on Instagram & Facebook.

Bella Loves....

My darling little furball Tristan has been my best tantric teacher. Yes, that right, Tristan has taught me how to live unapologetically moment to moment. I’ll give you an amusing little antidote.

My lovely neighbors adore Tristan and he often heads to their door for a little visit. They are always so sweet and caring towards him. Well the other day they were arriving home and Tristan heard them and rushed to meet them at their door. They put down their groceries to say “hi” and pet him as customary. Monica bent down and was gently stroking his head when out of nowhere he gave her hand a good swat with his paw. No claws, but a definite I’m done with that! Alberto, feeling very confident in his relationship with Tristan, smiled and said “Oh, he loves me, I’m his favorite” and bent down to show us both his special relationship.

Well that went well for around 10 seconds when Tristan offered the same swift slap to him. I was embarrassed and they were very sweet but the 3 of us were a little surprised. I scooped up the poorly mannered little fur person and marched him home. He was totally unapologetic and went about his business as usual. The next time he saw them he went rushing over and they were both a little wary … Tristan however was in a much more amenable mood and purred and rubbed around their legs.

The point of this is that Tristan only goes with what is true for him in the moment. He is not intentionally hurtful or offensive, but follows his truth. The humans however remembered the past and we were all in the past in that moment, recalling what had taken place and being on guard. You see my point?

Btw, my darling neighbors are Jewish, so on Rosh Hashanah we left a box of candy and some flowers from Tristan in atonement for any bruised feelings and a note offering apology but no guarantee it won’t happen again.

Bella's Favorite Things....

I love sharing my favorite finds, especially when it is helping protect our environment, its animal life, nature and the planet

I found these amazing dryer balls! Yes, dryer balls. They are made of pure wool and are the size of a tennis ball. You pop 2 in the dryer with your clothes, no dryer sheets required. They come with darling little penguins or sheep woven into them for a little fun and will basically last forever! I’ve been using mine for the past couple of years and my clothes are soft, tangle free and without any artificial perfumes or toxic chemicals from dryer sheets. So it’s a win for the environment and for my clothes! Love it when everyone wins. You can purchase them on Amazon.

I’m so excited and looking forward to getting to know you.