My Story.

My Story

Our lives are made of Relationships!

I’ve come to this powerful realization over the course of my own experiences. Healthy, loving, respectful, relationships are foundational to creating a joyful life.

It took me decades to understand that life was not simply happening to me, but rather my experiences were being meticulously constructed & designed subconsciously. I had no awareness of my own contribution to the painful, often tragic events which occurred with monotonous regularity.

From the outside, it appeared I had a successful, fortunate life, whereas, in reality, my life was in total chaos and a shambles. Looking at my past, you would have no reason to think I could or would ever craft a thriving, happy, fulfilled life. How, in the face of overwhelming adversity I finally learned to heal, grow, and flourish. So too can you! This often treacherous journey is how I found my way to being a love, relationship and, intimacy expert.

I am utterly immersed and dedicated to bringing you the world-class tools and skills I have been blessed to study, embrace and integrate. They have completely transformed my life and can do the same for you.

I would like to share a little bit of my background, not as a “poor me” story, but rather as a narrative to offer context.

My first childhood memories were laden with trauma. I suffered childhood sexual abuse from an early age, and this ultimately wired my brain to live in and operate from a trauma space. I was in therapy from early childhood, which provided little value or relief. Decades passed, with no improvement! My emotional wiring and patterns, which were formed in these early, impressionable years, set the stage and led me from one abusive relationship to the next. I believed I had no power, and as a result, never dared set a boundary with ANYONE!!. I tolerated unacceptable treatment because I believed that was the only way I could receive love. I felt like a beggar.

At 21 I was date raped and at 23 I was abducted at gunpoint and raped. At 27 I was forced to resign my amazing career at an International company, due to my rejecting the sexual advances of my boss. At 30 I was in a catastrophic car accident from which I was given zero chance of survival.

This is just a little of what I went through. I share none of this to garner sympathy, but rather to have you know that I understand precisely what it’s like to be sad, lonely, afraid and, bewildered, as I have been all of them. Something would happen and I would pick myself up, dust myself off and, move forward, in the hope things would magically improve. They never did. Finally, I moved from Australia to the USA in the hope of a new life. But your shadow follows you everywhere, and follow me it did! There is no escape from your unhealed parts.

My marriage was a disaster. I spent most days focused on my husband, determined to be the “perfect wife.” I tried everything I knew to create intimacy and connection… romantic candlelit dinners, La Perla lingerie, no demands, kept the perfect home, and on and on. The harder I tried, the worse it became. I even went to couples therapy… alone. I found myself clinging to my marriage and sanity by a thread, and then one day that thread was gone. It completely broke me, and I knew I could not go on this way another moment. I finally realized that I didn’t create him and I definitely couldn’t change him. I couldn’t love him into the man I wanted any more than I could change my family into the one I so longed for.

It wasn’t about changing him or them, it was about changing myself!

This realization was my inspiration. Life as I knew it was over and albeit leaving was terrifying, I knew this time I was determined to find my way out of this emotionally abusive labyrinth for once and for all. And find it I did, just as you can and will!

I put my “regular” life on hold, dove right in & started my healing journey in earnest. I slowly unwound my childhood trauma and began the process of rebuilding my life from the ground up. I thought it might take a year or 2, but it in fact took me over a decade to truly rewrite my story.

I have traveled the globe studying with world-renowned therapists, coaches, gurus and, thought leaders everywhere from India to Istanbul, Europe & South America. Today I am incredibly grateful that everything in my life happened precisely the way it did. The pain forged my compassion, depth, empathy, resilience, and, above all else, my belief in Love. The challenges were catalysts for my healing, just as they will be for you too! I believed I was “damaged” and lived from that point of view. Living life from subconscious beliefs is what causes us the pain, and healing that heals our life and our heart. Sometimes we have to break down before we breakthrough!

When we CHANGE the way we look at things, the things we look at change.~ Wayne Dyer

My life’s purpose is now to support and guide those of you struggling in this area. You don’t need to experience the emotionally devastating pain and relationship failures I suffered. I’ve developed a unique therapeutic skillset designed to release you from your limiting beliefs, thoughts and, behaviors. Life is meant to be abundant, joyful, safe & loving. Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. It all starts and ends with you.

I know the way out!

Transform your life. Leave your unhealthy patterns in the rearview mirror and begin to manifest and live at your highest potential.

Today I am healthy, vibrant, creative and in love with my life. If something amazing happens I take the credit, if something turns sideways, I take responsibility, learn the lesson, adjust as necessary and, move forward with dignity, grace and, respect.

This is precisely how your life can be!

At last, I have my emotions as opposed to my emotions having me!